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Welcome to SBEA

The purpose of the SBEA is to generate business for members.

The Shreveport Bossier Executives Association is an exclusive and highly selective Association of business leaders representing leading area businesses. Each member firm must be committed to helping other member businesses increase their bottom line by providing direct business, referrals, and business information. In addition members receive from their fellow member’s immediate attention to their needs and requests.

The SBEA, originally founded as the SEA in 1972, is a member of the International Executives Association which works to coordinate business with over 100 affiliate Associations world-wide. We encourage our members to utilize and broaden their reach through the use of internet communication.

Member firms represent an exclusive business classification.

Classifications are based upon a member’s main product or service. Each firm is represented by its owner, C.E.O. or other key executive decision maker. Members are pledged to the highest business and professional standards and are recommended for their competence, reliability and dependability. Our strength is in our ability to network and promote our fellow members.

Our success has been the result of our leaders and members working toward the economic growth of our community and making our members inclusive in as much business as possible.

Member firms receive both benefits and have a responsibility to SBEA.

The opportunity to meet and establish business relationships with executive decision makers in our community in a wide variety of professions and industries are both valuable and an obligation to each member. The SBEA gives each member over 100 senior salespeople who are constantly looking for ways to sell each others services and products.

Members enjoy an ongoing exchange of business information with other top executives who recognize that they are not competing for the same business. The exchange of information should be treated as proprietary within SBEA.

Participation in SBEA means that we establish business relationships and work with member firms in the spirit of mutual respect and trust. Issues are discussed in an open and non-threatening environment.

Participation is the key to success.

“Only when you make deposits in the IEA bank of knowledge do you receive dividends!”

The SBEA meets each Tuesday at 7:00 AM until 8:30 AM for breakfast and business. Regular attendance is a requirement and members must maintain a 75% attendance rate for meetings and a 50% or better attendance on open houses. Meetings are the primary activity for the exchange of information and knowledge of current and coming economic data. Summaries of meeting information is emailed or faxed to members and direct leads are faxed on the day that they are received. Members are encouraged to email leads that are time sensitive as they are received to give members every opportunity to use the information available.

Membership is by invitation only.

Membership is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification. Thus, each classification is protected and competition between members is reduced to a minimum. A prospective member will be screened as to possible conflicts and then invited to attend a meeting as a guest. If interested, an Application for membership must be completed and submitted for review.

Shreveport Bossier Executives Association
P. O. Box 19487
Shreveport, LA 71149-0487
Phone: (318) 632-4944